|34 weeks + bonus photos|

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! Crazy that in just a little bit over a month our little whip will be here. Nothing has changed much in the last few weeks as far as symptoms go. I’m maybe a little hungrier and a little bit more tired. I have some back pain, but usually running, foam rolling, or just moving around has helped with that. I’m doing what I can to prevent swelling, so tons of water and exercise with some rest too. Continue reading



As I am now 34 weeks pregnant, it’s insane to look back to the day I found out our family was about to grow. I remember going to my parents to do some laundry (our apartment doesn’t have a washer/dryer) and just feeling “off.” I had worked out that morning and thought I had just taken too much pre-workout, leaving me shaky and with an upset stomach. I was just nauseous. Also, since we had gotten home from our honeymoon, I hadn’t felt right in the gym. Just sluggish workouts and working on getting back to my regular diet. Continue reading

|Beauty in the Busy |

A few months ago, Sam and I decided we needed to go on one last trip before Elliot came, just the two of us. This is apparently a thing in the pregnancy community, known as a “baby moon.” Sam and I didn’t get a lot of time to travel together before becoming parents, so the opportunity was so exciting to me. We decided to keep it semi-local and head to Kansas City, just 3-4 hours from our home in St. Charles.  Continue reading