Oops I did it again 

Once again, I began a blog (that already sounds so tacky) and fell of the gride. BUT I promise I had a great reason this time. 
Elliot Grace VerMeer came to join us! 

Light weight champ weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and stretching those feet to be 19 inches long! 

As you may have remembered, or maybe not even cared, Elliot was due March 20th but came on March 18th! If you want the entire birth story I will share but if it it’s alllll good! 

Basically being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He’s so stinking cute, but those first few weeks are rough as hell and I want to make sure I’m always honest about things, never trying to glamorize it all. Elliot is 8 weeks now and such a party. He smiles and kicks and wiggles and loves being where the party is at. He’s gotten exponentially better in the last few weeks when it comes to napping and with babies better naps = better night time sleep. 

Here is the little whip now: 

Yesterday we celebrated our first Mother’s Day and I think it’s my new favorite holiday. I get to look at this tiny life Sam and I created and just sit and soak in the grace God has given us by allowing me to be his momma. He’s such a fun little boy and I can’t wait to watch him grow up forever. 

That’s the latest and greatest. I started running again and working with a coach this time around. I want to try to be open with postpartum running and weight loss as well but it’s easy for me to just do my thing and forget to update (duh, obviously.) My starting weight was 134, ended at 165. I gained a total of 31 lbs. Today I weigh 143. I’m loosely counting macros right now strictly to make sure I am making enough milk because I am breastfeeding. I can’t explain the new found freedom I have with my relationship with food and it is DOPE. Praise Jesus for using pregnancy to strip me of a life long unhealthy view on food. I’m not eating 100% whatever I want though. Remember when I said those first few weeks of mommin was so hard? Elliot would SCREAM all night/day anytime ate garlic, gluten, dairy, or soy. So that’s pretty much everything haha. Nah but it isn’t always easy to find foods free of all of those. I’ve never been a big dairy or gluten person, so soy is the hardest BUT It’s not good for you anyways so I’m a-okay keeping it out of my body and Elliot’s. I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on if a breastfeeding mothers diet can effect their baby. I am a huge believer that it can so please holler at me if you have any questions! 
In grace, 



|35 Weeks|

This was my first official week not running and while I definitely miss it, I am really enjoying learning how to listen to my body. Things were just getting uncomfortable, not difficult, but just not “right.” I was crazy blessed to have been able to run 34 weeks of my pregnancy and most of my workouts this week were walks outside because it is beautiful! Sam even joined on most of them and we’ve discovered that it’s the perfect way for us to wind down and catch up on what our days looked like. These little walks have been super enjoyable and I really look forward to continuing them when baby E shows up!

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Turkey Bacon Wrapped Dates

Every time I make these things I am so mad at myself for not remembering how much I love them and making them more often! These are SO stupid easy and “appropriate” to eat at any time of day whether as a side to a meal, salad, breakfast, or a snack! Remember those “little smokies” that show up at any potluck style party? That’s exactly what these remind me of, especially if dipped in mustard (a pregnancy staple in our home)! Continue reading

Cranberry-Apple Salad

The closer I get to my due date, the easier it is to convince myself “Well, you’re supposed to gain weight anyways and theres only a few weeks to go, so what you eat doesn’t actually matter.” But we all know it really does. I know for a fact that when I eat pizza or cookies I feel like straight up garbage. This definitely doesn’t mean I’ve kept it “clean” my whole pregnancy. Even thinking I did makes me laugh because it’s so far from the truth, but I enjoyed a freedom in nutrition that I have NEVER experience before and no matter how much weight I gain I will be thankful for the new ways I have learned to listen to my body and what it wants me to eat.

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