|36 Weeks|

I’m updating about 36 weeks… on the day that I am officially 37 weeks pregnant. So, I will try to be better about keeping things “real time” and post another update early this week!

This (past) week exhaustion has hit a new level. Lots of fatigue and lots of relaxing happening. My workouts haven’t really been exciting, consisting mostly of walking and stretching and I am perfectly okay with that! The little dude has definitely grown! Everything just feels tighter, like I am bursting at my seams haha! Which I guess I am… At this point, I’m not really worried about the weight I have gained (which is a huge answer to prayer #blessup.) Just enjoying the last few weeks of getting to carry around Elliot all day and feel his tiny and giant kicks. I think I will really miss those even though I’ll be staring at him all day once he arrives. Who knows when that may be though. My doctor visits are weekly and we are still not dilated at all.

Wednesday, Sam brought home a nasty cold/flu combination and we did  our best to heal him up and keep it away from me. The oils have been on full blast (lemon, peppermint, and lavender) to kill those germs and purify the house. By Friday afternoon when Sam was finally on the mend, my throat was getting a little scratchy, but I figured it was just allergies. WRONG. I woke up Saturday, still feeling a little off but nothing bad enough to derail any plans. I spent the morning with my momma getting a much needed pedicure, and then I felt like I had been hit by a train. My head and throat were killing me! Enough details, I rested up the rest of the weekend with tea and bone broth and hawaiian rolls haha. Gotta get some calories in for the dude. Today I am feeling much better but definitely not 100%. Errands will get me out of the house for a little bit and I hear some Panera chicken noodle soup calling my name.

Life tip: Don’t be 36-37 weeks pregnant with the flu. No one wins.

Here’s a very large mama out on a walk last week at the river! Happy Monday!



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