|35 Weeks|

This was my first official week not running and while I definitely miss it, I am really enjoying learning how to listen to my body. Things were just getting uncomfortable, not difficult, but just not “right.” I was crazy blessed to have been able to run 34 weeks of my pregnancy and most of my workouts this week were walks outside because it is beautiful! Sam even joined on most of them and we’ve discovered that it’s the perfect way for us to wind down and catch up on what our days looked like. These little walks have been super enjoyable and I really look forward to continuing them when baby E shows up!

As far as symptoms go, there’s nothing new really happening. I’m sleeping better than I think is predicted at this point in pregnancy, but I do feel fatigued during the day. I get these random short bursts of energy where all I want to do is clean or work on Elliot’s room which is almost done! I am now seeing my doctor weekly until Elliot is born and today found out I am not dilated at all, which isn’t really a surprise. Little dude is head down and kicking a ton, which I don’t think I will ever get sick of. I love it so much.

I don’t think there is really anything else new, so here’s a picture of ze bump looking like tent.



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