Leg and Ab Workout

I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and my definition of a “good workout” has drastically changed in the last year. I did work up a tiny sweat today, but the main goal was just to move and do what I can to keep my muscles active! 

  • Walk in place 2 min
  • 20 wall push-ups
  • 20 cat/cow
  • Fire hydrants 20/side

Repeat ^ that entire circuit 4 times

  • Lying inner leg lift 2×20
  • Lying outer leg lift 2×20
  • Donkey kicks (squeeze da booty) 3×10
  • Side plank each side 3×20 seconds (modify if needed)
  • 3×10 second reverse plank
  • 3×10 bird dogs
  • 2×30 pelvic lifts
  • 2×20 heel slides

One thought on “Leg and Ab Workout

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