Paleo Banana Bread

Last week, Sam decided it was time for him to try going gluten free OR dairy free, because both at once was just way too hard… 

He has always had eczema, a super common dry skin condition, and has tried everything from seeing a dermatologist to essential oils, so he figured it was time to see if a diet change might help. He also just kind of feels tired ALL the time. So we’re giving it a go!

Last night, I decided since he was trying so hard I wanted to make him a gluten free treat, and kept it dairy free for me too! SO chocolate chip banana bread was made! The recipe isn’t mine, so I’ll include the link, but I did do things a tad differently! It’s absolutely delicious! Enjoy!

Banana Bread Recipe

I omitted the maple syrup because bananas and almond butter are sweet enough to me! I also didn’t use any baking powder because… I have super bad pregnancy brain and bought TWO containers of baking soda when I went to the grocery store. If you (doubtful) make the same mistake, you can use a 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I when I surprised Sam with the banana bread and told him how proud I am of him for trying to change his diet, he informed me he “accidentally” ate a pb&j sandwich for lunch! Hahahaha! 🙂





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