Total body-body weight workout

Did this little number while my lunch cooked in the oven. Took about 35 minutes total at that “pregnancy pace.” I’ve been doing mostly body weight these last few weeks of pregnancy because it’s way easier to motivate myself to move the coffee table and workout than get my coat, shoes, keys, and drive to the gym (which is literally a two minute drive…).

Anyways, here ya go!

  • cat/cow 3×10
  • side lying leg lifts 3×10
  • clam shells 3×10
  • fire hydrants 3×10
  • 100 toe touches
  • squat hold 3×15 seconds
  • 100 touches
  • wall pushups 3×20
  • wall mountain climbers 3×10 each side
  • side crunches 3×10
  • side lunges 3×10
  • air squats 3×10
  • side planks 3×10
  • bird dogs 3×10
  • hip raises 3×10


Thats it! Don’t be fooled, I got a sweat in and it felt good for my back to move and stretch. These last few weeks pre-baby will probably consist of a lot of “hip opening” exercises to prep for labor!



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