|Beauty in the Busy |

A few months ago, Sam and I decided we needed to go on one last trip before Elliot came, just the two of us. This is apparently a thing in the pregnancy community, known as a “baby moon.” Sam and I didn’t get a lot of time to travel together before becoming parents, so the opportunity was so exciting to me. We decided to keep it semi-local and head to Kansas City, just 3-4 hours from our home in St. Charles. 

The idea of not having any type of agenda for a few days was very freeing for both of us! Even though I’m really not doing much since finishing up at work last week, it was still exciting knowing it would be just Sam and I doing whatever we wanted rather than the things that needed to be done back at our apartment… laundry, dishes, you know.

Our Air BnB was a older victorian home that honestly gave me the creeps. It was really really pretty, so I feel bad saying that, but everything was just so antique-y and I guess it’s not my thing! I did warm up to it after a few hours, the truth is, I’ve just seen way too many scary movies for my own good!

I feel like I’m giving a play-by-play and it feels incredibly lame, so I’ll keep it short from here. Saturday was crazy busy. We went to breakfast at a small diner with super good food, then to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the World War I Museum, Boulevard Cafe for some coffee because this momma was crashing hard, then to Jack Stack BBQ for din.

SPOILER: It’s about to get really mushy form here.

We did a lot of fun little things and being with Sam made it all even better. I always tell people “marriage is so tight you’re gonna love it,” but I think sometimes I forget how much I really mean that. By the grace of God I get to live life everyday with Sam. There were so many times throughout our trip, whether at dinner, walking down the street together, or Sunday  morning while we were driving back home that I looked at Sam and every brain cell I have was screaming “OH MY GOSH, WE ARE MARRIED AND I GET TO HANG OUT WITH HIM EVERY NIGHT.” We so easily start to coast in relationships, especially marriage, and I want to fight that like crazy. End mushy post here.

anyways. here’s this.





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