| February |

Waking up this morning, my first thought as we begin a new month, was that I am now officially able to say “I am due next month.” Next month… I will be a mom. I mean, I’m technically a mom now. But at some point NEXT MONTH, I will be looking into the face of my brand new baby boy. Wow. 

The close of January was exciting and scary for us. When it comes to running, I completed my goal of miles for the month (30 miles.) I chose the number 30 assuming that if I ran a mile a day I could make it. I finished the month with 31.68 miles under my (pregnancy running support) belt, and I didn’t even get a run in every day. Sure, 31 miles in a month isn’t that impressive compared to what I was logging 9 months ago, however I am PROUD of what this body has been able to accomplish. God is so good in showing me how strong and powerful the female body truly is and what it is capable of. I am excited to see what February has in store for us.

As of Monday, I am officially a stay at home soon-to-be-mom. This make me nervous in a few different ways. Clearly, finances will be different and that is a way that the Lord is drawing us much closer to him, for reliance and trust. For me, my biggest fear is being alone. I’ll be spending my days, loving on my new baby, but I have a lot of fear that I won’t see Sam or that we won’t be able to have true quality time rather than just a quantity of time. This goes for my friendships as well. Rumor is a new baby takes a lot of work! God has been so gracious in providing friends for both Sam and I to walk through this rapidly approaching season to parenthood. I think I get nervous that based on new schedules with a baby that will all disappear.


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