| Plot-Twist Mornings |

Wednesdays are long. Just a long day, usually packed from the moment I wake up at 7am until 10pm. I wake, I run, get ready and go to work, date my husband, and then we go to church. This one was different. I had no clue what the Lord had in store, but I’m thankful for what my morning looked life. 

Per usual, I stumbled out of bed, ate a bowl of cherries with some almond butter, laced up my shoes and headed to the gym. Once I got there though, my card for 24 hour access wouldn’t work. Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset. I simply turned around and headed back to the car, initially thinking I could now go home and just get ready for work and binge some Gilmore Girls until I had to leave.

This past weekend, Sam and I went to a marriage retreat for our church and were reminded by how powerful our God is and how much he really just loves his kids. Marriage has been freaking hard man and I feel like adding pregnancy on top immediately didn’t make it any easier. So, this morning the Lord tugged at my heart to just spend some time with him and I listened, made some tea, and left Lorelai and Rory for another time. Now I’m not usually someone to say that I had a huge “take away” from a retreat. I typically need a few days to process. Maybe I’ve done that or I’m continuing to, I don’t know. But I believe my soul has been refreshed. I have always loved Sam, and always wanted to spend time with him, but the Lord has reminded me of our biblical purpose in one another’s life and that in no way do I deserve this man, he is a gift of grace. I’ve begun to see the Lord answering so many prayers in our marriage and right about now is where I would start to “coast” and believe the lies of Satan that God has done all he can and that now it’s my job. My faith was lacking before this past weekend, and I was a victim of lies. I didn’t even see it until this morning how lost I had allowed myself to become, and I was bringing my husband down with me.

So what was my big “take away”?

  • God is so much bigger than we know, and there is no struggle that the gospel isn’t bigger than.
  • Through our marriages we have the opportunity to show nonbelievers that God keeps his promises, just as we should in the covenant of marriage. By His grace, he allowed us to share and commit vows in marriage that it might reveal his power through us.
  • Sin began with a marriage- Adam and Eve and it will end with a marriage of redemption- Jesus and the body.

Ladies, pray for your husbands. Pray for their desire for the Lord, to lead well, and to resist the temptation that the world is constantly throwing at them. Allow the Lord to pursue you, stop running and seek his face. There is nothing like it, I promise. fullsizerender-2



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