Tuesday Home Workout

Being nearly 8 months pregnant, somedays there is no way I am making it to the gym. I love the gym, and I’m thankful for that. However, I have always had the mindset that if I do an “at home” workout without weights that it doesn’t actually count. This workout really didn’t make me sweat a whole lot, but it felt good to move. Enjoy and give it a shot!

  • body weight squats x 20
  • squat hold 30 seconds
  • calf raises x 30
  • standing side leg lift x 30
  • plie squats x 20
  • side kick x 20
  • side lunges x 20

Circuit x 3:

  • alternating standing toe touch x 100
  • sling shot side steps x 20
  • wall pushups 20

Circuit x 2:

  • side lying leg lift x 20
  • side plank x 15 seconds
  • birddog x 10

Circuit x 2:

  • lying hip raise (pelvic thrust) x 10
  • single leg hip raise x 10 each side




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