| Finally |

I have been wanting to start a “blog” for a long time, and I honestly can’t say why. I think I’ve been insecure about beginning. I want to be 100% me and keep this thing natural, not corny or anything. I just want to share what we’re journeying through and laugh and cry about it!

I don’t plan to change a life, be profound in any way, or inspire anyone. I’m here to share the freakin’ blessings God has given Sam and I, talk about super good food, throw in some workouts, and the journey I am on to having a healthy relationship with said good food.

In the past 17 ish months, I MET my husband Sam, we got engaged, he graduated and got a new job, we got married and moved into our apartment, we found out we were PREGNANT, we moved to a new apartment, Sam got a new job, then another new job. It’s been a whirl wind of a year that was ridiculously uncomfortable at times, but I’m very thankful for what  our story has looked like. The past 8 months of marriage has forced us to grow a whole lot. The Lord has revealed so much of himself to us, mainly his steadfastness in a crazy season.

Today, I am 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy who will be named Elliot Grace VerMeer. Ha! Seeing his name typed out is crazy and it’s unbelievable that in +/- 8 weeks, I will be holding that baby. Pregnancy has been the absolute hardest thing I have ever done. Truthfully, I haven’t done much in my life that was mentally hard. College? Bailed. Physical difficulties, however are my jam. I’ve always been athletic, so pushing through pain has been easy and enjoyable. In pregnancy, so many things have challenged me and allowed me to see that I have a lot more strength than I ever knew.

For me, the biggest struggle has been watching my body change. I have spent many days crying over shirts that don’t fit anymore, constantly being hungry, and recently the slight appearance of stretch marks. I think I thought that since I am only 23 years old that I would avoid so many of the “normal” pregnancy changes but, I am not invincible. The Lord has revealed to me over the past 7+ months that I don’t have a healthy relationship with my body or food. I plan to continue to share the growth as well as recipes and workouts that make me feel good and help me remember my identity as a beautiful daughter of a merciful king.

As I said, I rarely stick to things that can be challenging, so we will see if there is ever a second post.




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